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2nd World Conference on Vedic Microbiology & Vedic Medicine

21st December 2023, Surat, Gujarat, Bharat/India

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Vedic civilization is the oldest thriving culture (more than 17, 50,000 [17 lakh 50 thousand] years old- as revealed by the scientists of NASA). Obviously, our ‘Vedic’ forefathers had successfully dealt with microbial diseases. This idea or confidence for ‘obviousness’ is due to availability of grand old Sanskrit texts –Veda, Ayurveda, and other allied Sanskrit literatures.Vedic Rishis expressed their “Idd Na Mmam –nothing for self all for society” centered ideas in a very compressed manner in Vedic Richas and Mantras. 


As far as the development of microbial sciences in Vedic Bharat (India) - vEDIC MICROBIOLOGY is concerned, the 'Germ theory of diseases' was first established by Vedic Rishis. Therefore, Vedas are first text in the world to record nexus between microbes and disease. Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda followed by Ayurvedas provide rich insight into microbial sciences that existed in Bharat millions of years ago Which is still in existent (and in practice). 


Vedic Microbiology encompasses the science of invisible organisms (Krimi i.e. microorganisms or microbes) enshrined in the Veda-Ayurveda and other numerous Sanskrit texts in the (scattered) form of Richas / Slokas brought into light by the Vedic Rishis / AyurvedAcharyas thousands of years ago in the BHARAT (India).


Microorganisms---the ubiquitous “invisible” citizen of this universe.


The Vedic Microbiology and Modern Microbiology states that microorganisms are of varied nature –detrimental, beneficial and neutral; they have different morphological characteristics for example they are polymorphs i.e. Vishvarupa.

Microbiology was the integrated part of Vedic system of education is now an established fact as per research conducted by Dr. Chakradhar frend.

Dr. Chakradhar Frend is deely engaged in researching on Vedic Microbiology since his graduation (1996-1999) and post-graduation years (1999-2001). He holds PhD in Vedic Microbiology (2004), Authored two books - Vedic Microbiology (2004) & Revived History of Microbiology (Vedic to Modern), Presented and published many research papers, organized International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology (August 2007), Founded/established -Rishi kanva vedic microbiology research institute (2005) followed by vedic microbiology virtual university (2018).

Dr. Frend's Research has highlighted that not only in the Veda--Ayurveda, but also in the Purana, Mahabharata, Naya sutras and many other Sanskrit texts, there is extravagant usage of  microbial knowledge for explaining some other thing.




[Rishis/Gurus of Vedic Microbiology]



The Word ‘Rishi’ Means A Seer, From The Root Dris, To See. So The Rishi Is The Mantra-Drashta, A Seer Of Mantra Or Thought And Not Karta, Creator. The Rishis Saw The Truth Or Heard Them. Therefore, The Veda Is Also Called Shruti, That Which Is ‘Heard’ Or ‘Revealed’. The Rishis Are Not The Authors Of The Mantras With Which Their Names Are Associated. They Were The Seer Of The Thought, Which Existed Already. The Vedas Are ‘Apurusheya’ (Of Super-Human Origin).  


Vedic Microbiologists: -Rishi Agastya, Rishi Kanva And His Descendents, Rishi Badrayani, Rishi Chatana, Maharshi Veda Vyasa, Maharishi Charak, Maharishi Susruta, Mahapundit Ravana, Bhava Mishra, vaghbhatta, Bhel, Surpala And Others. 


VEDIC MICROBIOLOGY VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY Is dedicated to our Vedic Rishis / Maharshis/ AyurvedaAcharyas and other Gurus.

Dr. Chakradhar Frend

डॉ. चक्रधर फ्रेण्ड


VEDIC MICROBIOLOGY (वैदिक सुक्ष्मजैविकी):

encompass the science of microorganisms enshrined in the Veda-Ayurveda and other Sanskrit texts in the (scattered) form of Richas / Mantras / Slokas brought into light by the Vedic intellectual giants-- Rishis / Ayurvedacharyas; lakhs (millions) of years ago in Bharata (India) by dint of yogic power (soul based infinite intuition).


Vedic Microbiology follows natural law and order i.e. Rta. Vedic Microbiology is branch of Vedic science, Ayurveda and Microbiology.


    The microbiological (Hygienic) knowledge and its principles and practices are readily reflected in the rural area. Blowing of couch shell, the bell in the temples, using cow dung and cow urine, performing Yagna, using antimicrobial spices in our food and so many examples reflect the integration of microbiological knowledge in the Vedic Sanatan (Hindu) Dharma. Vaccination was already a common practice in Bharata. The sacred water of Ganga has been protecting the persons from many kinds of microbial infection. These shows that concern for health was integrated part of Dharma (≠ religion; means Righteousness /mental virtue/natural law). And how could microbiology escape this dharma.

Everything that is necessary for ‘self preservation’ is essentially found in the Vedic—Sanatana--Dharma [Knowledge/consciousness led-Eternal- Natural Law]. 
Let’s reinvestigate the mystery which has indemnified the Grand old Vedic Civilization from the pathogens [infectious disease]. What was the secret of 'immunity'/'strength' of this Vedic civilization?

Today when Modern Microbiology has achieved great height with severe loopholes like evolution of antibiotic resistance microorganisms, vaccine resistant microorganisms; Premier Research Bioinstitutes has mastered in manufacturing new terminology like Emerging Infectious Diseases and Re-emerging infectious diseases. The ignorant public gets horrified, and consequently they have to pay more taxes. Microorganisms are directly “taxing” the patience of scientists and indirectly “taxing” the public.    

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”--- the “tough” followers of Vedic culture has mastered the art of living. The Vedic Management of microbial diseases needs to be brought back into light for the material and spiritual prosperity of the whole world as established by the Vedic seers. Following the Vedic Health ordinance is actually following the commandments of The Supreme Being. The royal principles and practices of Vedic Microbiology/Ayurveda can definitely save the world from microbial menace, which RKVMRI tries to affirm. 

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